The Glasgow Writer: Gordon Street Coffee

In this edition of The Glasgow Writer, I decided to stop by Gordon Street Coffee, located unsurprisingly on its namesake but is part of Central Station, next to the iconic entryway. But is it a good writing spot?

The Vibe

Being part of one of Scotland’s largest travel hubs, this place really caters more to the on-the-go crowd. Its tiled floors, high ceiling, large swathes of black with splashes of aqua give it a somewhat high-end feel. And any shop that sells its own beans is usually pushing quality over quantity. Their Instagram definitely highlights the artisanal aspects of coffee and this bleeds through into the establishment itself. From the mezzanine where I sat, you could see a large clock sandwiched between two screens displaying arrival and departure times. There aren’t many tables but as I sat there quite a few people came and went, strengthening that feeling of it being more like Central’s fancy lounge to wait on a train for a few minutes rather than a place to sit for ages. There is also a large machine up there which in my ignorance is probably something to do with coffee, but I don’t know what.

Looking at this picture, I’ve just realised that the sign on the left is explaining what the machine does… What an idiot.

The Staff

It was relatively quiet when I went in and the staff was happy for me to sit for a while and even pointed out the wifi password, probably to cater to people waiting, but had no problem with me using it for work. Shortly after I took the above picture, one of the staff members came up to tidy up and we had a nice wee chat about all the filming that was happening in the city of late.

The Food

It’s too small to have a kitchen but they do serve cakes, which I regrettably didn’t try. But they do look spectacular. And I have heard they do a mean toastie!

Thanks for reading. Do you have any Glasgow recommendations? Where are your favourite spots in the city? Let me know! Until next week – Richard


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