Welcome to my official writer’s page! Here I will be posting about the indie comic market and industry as well as showcasing free comic writing lessons. On top of that you can keep up to date with all my current ventures.

Richard Mooney; Comic Writer, Creator, and Academic

My name is Richard Mooney, and I am the archetypal “poor writer”. I have had some success working for others (Uptown Chronicles) and fundraising my own ideas (Daughter of Titan), but the financial strain of creating comics is too much. But I love comic scripts, they offer something different, a deeper layer to the comic itself, so I’ve never stopped writing them.

So I decided to just publish my own scripts. I think I am the only person doing this (likely, because I am the only person who enjoys reading scripts). But if you want to delve into a myriad of stories across fantasy, sci-fi, and cosmic horror, then please join me on my journey.

While the scripts will be published on social media as well, I will be putting unique excerpts, perspectives and personal thoughts here.