The rise of “I want” crowdfunding (and why it may hurt us)

The connotations attached to crowdfunding has changed over the course of the 21st century. Its general acceptance as a legitimate form of funding has allowed it to flourish. But this newly found acceptance has allowed a more selfish community to ascend into the spotlight, which could be bad news for our community of indie creatives.

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Marvel’s CEO cheapens diversity progress

I am constantly reminding people that Marvel is a business, and so it’s sole purpose is to make profit. Back in the early days when comics played a very different part in the social conscious, the capitalist drive was softer. But now in the 21st century, we are starting to see it for what it really is and I personally am questioning once again, it’s motives for diversity.

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The terrifying REAL cost of creating a comic issue

I’m a comic creator. I can’t draw, I can’t colour and I’ve learned the hard way I can’t even be trusted to edit my own work. So if I want to create something and put it in the hands of fans, I’ve got to crawl up a metaphorical mountain where every step can put me in very literal financial danger. This article is a frank financial discussion facing comic creators.

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6 lessons that turned a failed comic Kickstarter into a successful one.

Kickstarter can be a brutal business. So much rides on such a short period of time. It is not only an emotional roller coaster but a psychological one too. Euphoria awaits those who emerge victorious from the crowdfunding arena but despair awaits the unsuccessful. I have been on both ends. Especially with issue #2 of Daughter of Titan.

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Kickstarter Capitalism: the worth of debut and returning creators

Kickstarter is a wonderful platform for creators. But amidst all the good it does for indie creators like myself, within its chest beats the heart of a capitalist. Kickstarter operate on a “no-win, no-fee” basis. So they gain nothing when campaigns fail. And failing campaigns are bad for business.

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The rise of the Scottish indie comic scene

Scotland has a vast and interesting association with the medium of sequential art. Unbeknownst to many, but it is argued that the first ever comic was published in the Scottish city of Glasgow in 1826 (featured image), preceding the birth of the comic (as we know it today) in the form of Funnies On Parade by nearly a century. Since then, the country is largely ignored in favour of the powerhouses of the United States, and the creative wealth of writers from neighbouring England. But a new era may just be on the horizon.

So come join me on a tour of some of Scotland’s best comic book exports!

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