Glasgow Comic-Con 2016

Glasgow Comic-Con 2016

Upon entering the crowded exhibitors’ room of my first Comic-Con, I felt out of place. I stood awkwardly as Batman stalked past, growling at people menacingly followed by Thor and Loki arguing about some origin story. Then I bumped into Boba-Fett and I’m sure he was giving me daggers beneath that helmet.

The next hour was spent timidly looking at stalls for no more than a few seconds in case one of the indie creators would engage me in conversation. I feared that in doing so they would discover I haven’t been a fanboy all my life and drive me out, such was the community feeling around the place. But I wasn’t there for all that. Really I was there to do one thing: to look Dave Gibbons – legendary artist of one of the greatest pieces of modern literature – in the eye and tell him “Thank you”.

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Images from Words

Images from Words

So the first issue of “Uptown Chronicles” has been met with success. Hopefully as the months go by more people will enjoy it and a fan-base will develop. But in the meantime I wanted to show the evolution of the art that takes place once the script has been finished.

The importance of the script cannot be underestimated and there will be plenty of posts that will focus on my script-writing process (and scripts in general) at a later date, but for now I merely want to bask in the amazing feeling that comes from the artistic process. The feeling that accompanies watching words – which at their most fundamental are nothing more than individual shapes that we as humans place next to each other to convey meaning – manifest into visual scenes of sequential art is truly amazing.

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Choosing an Artist

So after a long and deliberate process I am very happy to announce the artist who will be working on the art of De Profundis (even if it is only a few pages to add to the pitch, which I’ll talk about at a later date).

But I’m very pleased to be working with the immensely talented Craig Howes. I’ll be posting some of his art at a later date as well.

But for now I wanted to share the process that led me to choose Craig and hopefully aspiring comic writers and artists alike will learn something from this entry.

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The Future? Going solo with “De Profundis”

The Future? Going solo with “De Profundis”

Recently, thanks to the tireless work of Mikhail Pimenov, the creator of “Uptown Chronicles”, the comic has been green-lit for a 16 issue run. Not only will this give me the vehicle to pursue a much darker line of work (as explored in the previous entry of this blog) it will also give me a much needed financial boost which I will funnel partly into my first solo project.

“De Profundis” is a reflective piece about our obsession with death and how he fits into the mythologies of the world but by reversing the perspective, we will explore Death’s obsession with us. The story will take our protagonist from his life before he (unwittingly) took up the mantle, through various periods in history up until the modern day and beyond. Due to his elevated position he often finds himself reluctantly caught up in the problems of others, be they the Gods of the Greek Pantheon, English Crusaders or his fellow personifications of abstract concepts.

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A Dark turn, “Uptown Chronicles”

A Dark turn, “Uptown Chronicles”

A project in its infancy with plenty of potential is how “Uptown Chronicles” feels right now. With a story filled with corruption, murder, loss, betrayal and above all, violence, U.P. is vastly different in terms of style and theme. It has given me access to narratives and modes of expression I would never get at Percy Nobleman.

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A single step…


Hello there. My name is Richard Mooney and I am currently the writer of 2 comic series.

The first is “The adventures of Percy Nobleman” which you can read parts of for free at

It is a lighthearted tale about a man in search of the perfect beard and the adventures he has along the way.

The second comic I am working on is entitled “Uptown Chronicles” and it could not be further removed from my other projects.

Set in the fictional modern day city of “Uptown” where the government is corrupt beyond reason, a group of broken individuals from different walks of life team up to tackle the problem head on, often by unconventional and violent means.

One comic is trying to sell beard products…

one comic is trying to start a revolution…

Funny old game isn’t it?

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