Can Kickstarter’s ‘Drip’ challenge Patreon?


We live in a time of great change in the world of ‘subscription-based backing’. Patreon, the towering Goliath in the field, shot itself in the foot a few months ago with a controversial change in fees. This has allowed a credible challenger in Drip to arise. But was Patreon’s falter, enough to allow it to be toppled? Let’s dive a little deeper.

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Blue Monday: a sad excuse for a day.

Its January, its cold and dark and I’m ill. Work is not going great and the writing for a big project has come to an end and I feel a little estranged. Overall, it would be understandable for one to be sad. But when I heard about “Blue Monday” I felt a stir of rage.

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‘The Imaginary is what tends to become real’ a review of China Mieville’s “The last days of New Paris”



So after a successful review in the debut issue of literary journal Fantastika, I was invited back (I know, after some of the stuff I said!?) So I’ve went from self-fellatio in the first issue to Nazi’s in the second. What a life.

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My Favourite Films of the year 2017

BeFunky Collage

This is not a top ten list. Having not seen some of the most acclaimed films of the year (those mainly being “Moonlight”, “The Florida Project”, “Call me by my name” and “Manchester by the Sea”) I can’t exactly create a rounded and all inclusive list. What I can create is a list of films (in no particular order) that have stuck in my head, films that I have enjoyed.

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New Years Resolutions

Every year I make New Years Resolutions and every year I fail. 2018 will be no different, but I have made a resolution to try harder to achieve my resolutions. So failing the rest of them is not that big a deal, as long as I try. This is not a “get out of jail free” card which is why below, I have listed them for all to see. That way, I will feel more accountable for them and so at the end of 2018 when I reflect on the year and chalk up all my failures, I will feel worse than usual…

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Striving in the face of adversity: Daughter of Titan Issue #2



As the halfway point ticks past on the Daughter of Titan #2 kickstarter and the figures point to inevitable failure, I find myself in a dilemma…

Do I abandon it and save all the contacts, promotional posts and avenues of advertising for the next time I try to get it funded, or do I strive on regardless? Although it makes sense to save what you can from a sinking ship, I cannot bring myself to give up on it. A Captain should go down with their ship.

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