The Glasgow Writer: Origins

Working remotely is becoming more common across cities in the UK, but a problem with it – I find – is that during the week, the line between one’s home life and work life blurs considerably. So, once a week, depending on my workload and scheduled meetings, I decided to make an effort to get out of the house and spend a few hours working in a different place in Glasgow. Not only does the change of scenery help with my headspace, but it also means I can support local businesses. At first, I stuck exclusively to a few establishments I knew well. But Glasgow has a wealth of cafes, bars, and restaurants and I’d like to explore more.

Initially, in this series of reviews, I hoped would become a sort of compendium for writers or remote workers; a guide to places where you can work/write and escape the home office and freshen things up. But as I explore more, I just find restaurants I like and want to share!

These reviews are purely for fun, a testament to the variety of Glasgow. Since I am no expert, my criteria are based on some fast and loose rules:

  1. The vibe – Is it a welcoming, or otherwise pleasant place to sit for a while?
  2. Staff – The vibe sets up an establishment, but the staff execute it.
  3. Food – You can’t sit in a café for 2-3 hours and not order food. But is the food worth coming back for?

I won’t go into too much detail on each metric in my review, because while I am there, I am most likely working! But stay tuned every Thursday or so for reviews! But if you have any thoughts on a place I have visited, or have any recommendations, please comment as I would like to hear them!


2 thoughts on “The Glasgow Writer: Origins

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