Hybrid Competence: the newest soft skill for your resume

Prior to the global pandemic, the idea of working remotely was reserved either for the eccentric who refused to conform to numerous societal norms, which included the workplace (the mad scientist in his lab upon the hill), or the elite figurehead who wields enough power and influence that they don’t need to conform (Tony Stark from the Marvel Universe). In both cases, we view these characters as different to the rest of us. Their contribution to the bigger picture is great enough that they are afforded the luxury of minimal or no oversight, their methods are not questioned, and they are given the freedom to work on their own terms.

Media that portrays remote workers in such a fashion therefore implies the opposite of everyone else. That the rest of us do not make meaningful contributions and therefore do not deserve the freedom to work remotely. But why not?

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The Glasgow Writer: Singl-End

With a firm commitment to The Glasgow Writer, I began with a recommendation to Singl-End (not a typo) in Merchant City from a friend. And I’m glad because I had never noticed it before I went looking for it. Not that it’s hidden away, but just because I wasn’t too familiar with the Italian Centre. Situated on John street, on the left-hand side of a Tryptych of businesses; the other two being Katie’s Bar and Osteria, it’s not immediately obvious that it’s a café. But is it a good writing spot?

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