10 craziest things from the r/place project

What is r/place

r/place is a subreddit, the subdomains of Reddit. Nearly everything has a “subreddit”, which is identified by the r/ before it. Here are some of the largest subreddits you can visit, but there are thousands of subreddits that go way beyond weird and wonderful. r/place was created as a part art project, part social experiment to see how collaborative art between strangers developed. The result was simply amazing.

How did it work?

A blank canvas was created and divided into 4 million pixels. Each Reddit user was allowed to place a single pixel of a colour of their choosing every 5 minutes. This went on for 3 days. And the result was a staggering piece of collaborative art. But while the overall picture was beautiful, there were loads of crazy story arcs if you look closer.

Here is a timelapse of the whole 3 days in all its glory.

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