Small Restaurants that go Big on Flavour

Does size matter? Not when it comes to these restaurants! I would never choose one of these restaurants as a place to write, or suggest it for a large group of people, but if you are looking for a place to eat well by yourself or with a friend and don’t mind bumping elbows, this is the list for you!

Ramen Dayo

This west-end Japanese gem has that cozy back alley feel to it. Not only with its sense of complete immersion, but its size too. Yet its location on the upper floor of Ashton Lane puts it on one of Glasgow’s foremost spots for food and drink, and with plenty of students from the university passing by, you can be hard-pressed to get a table. Going on quieter days or booking ahead ups your chances, and you should, because the food is worth it.


I initially went here not because of the burgers, but because I was craving a milkshake. Now their milkshakes are good, don’t get me wrong, excellent in fact; but what was initially a sideshow became the main performer. The burgers there are among the best in the city, which is a lethal combo.  The only problem is, there are about fifteen or so tables in the whole place, and most of them are just for two people. So large groups here are out of the question. They do takeaway though!


As a Dennistoun native, I know all too well that Alexandra Parade houses one of Glasgow’s highest-rated cafés. Scran routinely finds itself at the top of lists by both professionals and regular goers like me. And may I just say, that the Scran Gourmet Burger is perhaps one of the best things I have ever put into my face. Unfortunately, It is almost exclusively takeout, as there are only five tables in the place, making sitting a bit of an uncomfortable experience. But they have done so well over the last few pandemic-stricken years that they are expanding, so hopefully, more people will get to experience it.


Sticking to the East End, Tibo is a little larger than some of the places on this list, and technically could accommodate a larger group of people, but its narrowness makes it better suited to duos facing each other. That shouldn’t dissuade you as the chefs sever fantastic dishes throughout the day, making this is a place that is a guaranteed hit whether it’s for filling breakfast or a swanky evening meal.


Definitely the smallest eatery on the list, Katsu only has wall/window seating and can accommodate maybe around 10 people at max. Yet what they lack in floor space, they certainly deliver in flavour as their Katsu Curry is phenomenally tasty.


Rounding off this list is an establishment that also makes it onto my list of most Instagram-able restaurants in Glasgow. But part of its colourful charm is its petite amount of floor space. That exclusivity in the central location (as I can’t speak for its Partick branch) means it has to go big on flavour. Without a doubt, get a big plate of KFC, Korean Fried Wings, complete with gloves because everyone knows that the best way to tuck in, is to use your hands.

Have I missed any places? Which one is your favourite, or has this article inspired you to visit one of these places? Let me know in the comments below!


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