Reviewing Comics: Year One

So about this time last year, I started reviewing comics for Comic Book Yeti, a small, independent review site. I really enjoy reviewing things, and my Master’s Degree with Honours in English Literature has convinced me that my opinion on matters of art is worth listening to. (It’s definitely not. But just try to stop my rampant narcissism).

This was during the last major lockdown in the UK so I had very little else on at the time. Unfortunately, I only managed a few months before returning to work and all my time being swallowed back up, and sadly falling away from it all. So in this pointless little article, I’m revisiting each comic to see if they made a lasting impression.

This was my first assignment, and I was determined to do the comic justice. However, I have forgotten almost everything about it since.

This mammoth 200 page assignment was actually no problem at all, I really loved the play in form, the characters and the story. There was one scene in it that left a bad taste in my mouth but overall a memorable experience.
Absolutely Batshit. The specifics I can’t remember, but how utterly, wonderfully chaotic it was sticks with me the most. Plus Martin John is a great guy as I’ve come to know him a little better since.

I was pretty over zombies at the time, and I’m even more over them now. There was nothing bad about this, it’s just… well… zombies…
I remember worrying that this was gonna just be an excuse to show off exaggerated female bodies, but it was actually a great comic.
Always happy to support my fellow Scots, I leaped at the chance to read and review this. A lot of people won’t like the art, but the story is great. The second one is also worth checking out!
Best comic I read and reviewed. Hands down. I struggle to find anything I didn’t like about it apart from the nude scene jammed in because… bewbs? But if you want that Kickstarter money, you gotta have them.

I read all three issues for this and it was a charming and heartfelt comic. Issue #2 was the best. I felt like I was on a real emotional journey.

While I remember the fun role reversals and playing with tropes. Unfortunately, I cannot remember anything else about it.

Ballet and Martial arts. What’s not to like about that? Currently still going with #2 on Kickstarter until the 25th of February. Plus I really like Kat Calamia and everything she is doing in the space.

So there you have it. The extent of my sad little reviewing career in a nutshell. But after a year, I miss writing for CBY. I still catch up on the site to see what new reviews they have going and you should check it out too. They do good work.


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