Film Roundup – January 2022

So I used to write little film reviews for fun on my Instagram when I first got a Cineworld unlimited card. After the past 2 years of barely any visits to my favourite place in the world, I’m determined to make the most out of it this year, and with plenty of big films slated to come out this year, I’m very excited! So if you want yet another bunch of reviews from an underqualified blog writer, you’re in the right place!

January Update: Hi! First update, pretty hectic month so didn’t get to the cinema quite as much as I’d hoped. Still, check out my article on some of my favourite films from 2021!

Scream, but also Scream 5?


As a horror fan, It doesn’t matter how many times I see the same opening scene played out in a Scream Film when sitting in a darkened theatre, it just feels like perfect cinema to me.

The latest installment in the self-aware horror is actually very good. Yes, it leans on its own metanarrative a bit much at times, but it never crosses the line into kitsch or cringe for me. In the end, it was a thoroughly enjoyable romp that I could turn my brain off for a while and just revel in the sheer gory fun of it all.

Nightmare Alley

I begrudgingly went to see this because frankly, I’ve really gone off Del Toro. He has put his name to so many bad films over the last decade, both as a producer and director, that has fallen flat with me. But the visuals of this film, coupled with my love of pulpy noir and films set in Carnivals (Freaks by Tod Browning anyone?) was enough to get me in a cinema seat.

Perhaps it was my low expectations, but I was surprised by how good this film was. Bradley Cooper puts in a great performance in all aspects of his rise from lowly carnival worker, to medium for the wealthy. And everyone around him puts in equally convincing performances. The plot goes further than I expected and has a satisfying ending, which if you don’t see coming, hits hard.

What great January films have you seen? What’s “must-see” film is coming out in February that I have to see? Let me know!


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