The Future? Going solo with “De Profundis”

Recently, thanks to the tireless work of Mikhail Pimenov, the creator of “Uptown Chronicles”, the comic has been green-lit for a 16 issue run. Not only will this give me the vehicle to pursue a much darker line of work (as explored in the previous entry of this blog) it will also give me a much needed financial boost which I will funnel partly into my first solo project.

“De Profundis” is a reflective piece about our obsession with death and how he fits into the mythologies of the world but by reversing the perspective, we will explore Death’s obsession with us. The story will take our protagonist from his life before he (unwittingly) took up the mantle, through various periods in history up until the modern day and beyond. Due to his elevated position he often finds himself reluctantly caught up in the problems of others, be they the Gods of the Greek Pantheon, English Crusaders or his fellow personifications of abstract concepts.

“Death” does not operate in the way one expects. He is not there to end people’s lives, or remove souls from bodies or shepherd the recently deceased to their final resting place. His mere existence symbolises the idea that everything ends. Before him, nothing ended.

Just like the world was free of evil before Pandora opened that box, so to was the world free of death beforehand.

The idea for the story was not a flash of brilliance. No muse delicately whispered in my ear. Instead, it was the result of a story that has been evolving for nigh on years. Its origins are so far removed from what it has become that it is almost impossible to comprehend that the pair are related. Slowly over time layers were added, characters rose and fell and plots grew and withered. But each version left something behind, and over time the number of pieces left behind began to fit together. Some fit better than others and had to be removed completely until eventually I had the spine of my story (which I’m still adding to today!)

The good thing about that process is that before I had even put pen to paper, I had a complex and well realised character and story. So when I did put it down on paper, I looked really clever.

After the script was finished (I will talk about scripts at a later date) I was immensely excited. The next stage in the process is a terrifying one (as they all are really). I had to open up my world to an artists who will take my my script and bring it to life. The scope of interpretation and variety of style means that no two artists will show you the same thing.

Searching for an artist has been a easy task, choosing the artist for the task was very difficult. When I pick one I will announce it here and I will also talk about the other artists that contacted me about illustrating the script.



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