A Dark turn, “Uptown Chronicles”

A project in its infancy with plenty of potential is how “Uptown Chronicles” feels right now. With a story filled with corruption, murder, loss, betrayal and above all, violence, U.P. is vastly different in terms of style and theme. It has given me access to narratives and modes of expression I would never get at Percy Nobleman.

Cover Part 4 - Final print

This is neither a good or bad thing. I am quite capable of dealing with lighthearted stuff just as easy as I am with the dark stuff. I will never be able to write comedy in U.P whereas I can in Percy. So it’s actually balancing me quite well.

But right now, as I stand on the precipice of something new, I get that feeling of excitement. Just like how I felt when I started working on Percy I wondered, “Where will this take me?”

Although the pre-made issue, which we now call “issue 0” to differentiate it from my run has one aspect of the story that will likely never sit quite right with me, the team that produces the art is of a quality worthy enough of any of the big 4 comic publishers.

George Konstantopoulos and Alkis Kampouris (though they prefer to go by Geokon and Rithinor) are phenomenal as an artist and colourist respectively and it was they who made me see the potential of what could be produced in the future.

Even now there are still discussions ongoing about where to take the story beyond the first few issues we have already begun working on but the fact Mikhail Pimenov (the creator) has allowed me to come in and help shape the story for the future is a wonderful feeling.

The number of issues will be small, so I intend to try and force as much of the story as I can out of it.

Eight individuals, all from different walks of life come together to share one thing, their hatred.

On top of the regular issues there will be a series of specials dedicated to telling the backstory behind each character. Each one a story of tragedy and grief.

The group however do not stand back. Instead they take action by going after various corrupt officials who are destroying the city with their greed and manipulation. This is where the violence comes in.

I am proud of the characters. When I joined the project the characters had already been created but I saw there was room to expand them. In doing so I feel like they have become more like my own creations. Given the opportunity there are plenty of possible story lines that could be explored, but for now I must be content with what is directly in front of me.

Promotion must be done and I must pull my weight in that aspect if the comic is to grow and become a successful run.



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