A single step…

Hello there. My name is Richard Mooney and I am currently the writer of 2 comic series.

The first is “The adventures of Percy Nobleman” which you can read parts of for free at https://www.instagram.com/adventuresofpercynobleman/

It is a lighthearted tale about a man in search of the perfect beard and the adventures he has along the way.

The second comic I am working on is entitled “Uptown Chronicles” and it could not be further removed from my other projects.

Set in the fictional modern day city of “Uptown” where the government is corrupt beyond reason, a group of broken individuals from different walks of life team up to tackle the problem head on, often by unconventional and violent means.

One comic is trying to sell beard products…

one comic is trying to start a revolution…

Funny old game isn’t it?

Anyway, I’ll be using this blog to document parts of my life as a writer as I try to go from obscurity to mild fame. I will talk about my process of writing comics and any other projects I come across.

Occasionally I will talk about comics, books, novels and films I’ve seen, read or fondly remember.

Looking forward to it all!

P.S. For anyone wondering where the “vi” comes from, it is because I am the sixth generation Richard Mooney. However, I do not use the “VI” in any official capacity, merely to differentiate myself from the various Richard Mooney’s around the world. I do not possess the confidence of one of my favourite comic artists J.H Williams III has despite having the most spectacular name.



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